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About CleanWaterSoft

CleanWaterSoft is a Brazilian independent game development company founded by Alysson L. Neto (aka CleanWater) in 2015.

CleanWaterSoft games are designed to run on almost any PC, from a plain notebook to a desktop with a modest hardware, but always striving to provide you a nice and entertaining gaming experience.

Currently, CleanWaterSoft develops games for Windows and Linux.

Our Released Games on Steam

Our Mission

While gamers from well developed countries benefit from easy access to high-end PC gaming hardware with cheap costs, that's not the reality of countries from the once know as the Third World.

Some countries from the Third World barely have access to the PC market. The majority of gamers from these countries still uses outdated PCs. For the ones who can manage to acquire a PC, 4GB RAM is a luxury.

The current Gaming Market is directed only to gamers from the First World. Big companies and even Indie Developers completely neglects the gamers from the Third World. That's where CleanWaterSoft comes…

Carefully developing games with a self imposed restriction for optimal performance on low-budget and outdated PCs, CleanWaterSoft keeps releasing new games accessible to any gamer around the whole world, riches and poors alike!

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